In accordance with § 13 BGB consumers are entitled to the following cancellation right under the following provisos:
You are entitled to withdraw from this contract within fourteen days, without stating reasons. The withdrawal period shall be fourteen days from the date on which you or a named third party, other than the carrier, have taken possession of the goods. If multiple goods are placed ordered under a single order and these are supplied separately, the period is fourteen days from the day that you or any third party named by you, who is not the carrier, has taken the last item into possession. But a single order is not then available if you have ordered multiple goods at the same time. The individual products must be related to each other. If goods are delivered in multiple lots or pieces, the withdrawal period is fourteen days from the date of the last installment or the last piece taken possession into by you, or a representative of your third party, who is not carrier.

To be able to exercise your right of cancellation, you must inform us:

Mobila Verwaltungs GmbH,
Annabergstr. 164D
45721 Haltern am See
Tel: 0049 2364 6142
Fax: 0049 2364 69493,

by means of a clear statement (e.g., consigned by mail letter, fax, e-mail), of your decision to withdraw from this contract. You can use the cancellation form, however, this is not mandatory. You can fill in and submit the cancellation form or any other unequivocal statement electronically on our website If you exercise your right, we will provide immediate confirmation of your notice of cancellation (for example, by email).

Special instructions

Your right of cancellation expires prematurely if the contract has been entirely fulfilled by both parties at your explicit request, before you exercised your right of cancellation. If you are considered a company in accordance with § 14 of the German Civil Code (BGB) and upon conclusion of the contract, you exercise your right as a business or freelancer, the right of withdrawal shall not exist.

Exclusion or premature expiry of the right of withdrawal
The right of withdrawal does not apply to consumers who do not belong to a member state of the European Union at the time the contract is concluded and whose sole place of residence and delivery address is outside the European Union at the time the contract is concluded

Effects of withdrawal

Upon withdrawal from this contract, all payments that have been received from the customer, including delivery costs (with the exception of any additional costs incurred by your optional choice of another mode of delivery other than the least expensive standard delivery) will be returned within fourteen days from the date on which the notice of withdrawal is received. The customer shall be refunded using the same method of payment used for the initial transaction, unless otherwise expressly agreed; in no instance will the customer be charged fees for this refund. We may withhold the refund until the goods have been returned or until evidence of their return has been provided.
You should have the goods promptly returned or handed over to the company Firma Mobila GmbH, Annabergstr. 164, D 45721 Haltern and in any event not later than fourteen days from the date on which you submit your cancellation to us.
The deadline is met if the goods are sent or handed over to the carrier ordered by us before the expiry of the period of fourteen days passes.
The customer shall bear the direct costs of returning the goods. The cost of returning the goods that are unable to be shipped (top boxes) that are picked up by a freight carrier, will be the same amount that you paid for the outgoing cargo. When sending packaged goods such as spare parts or roof rack, the return shipping charges over 10 EUR in Germany (excl. a further 15 EUR from abroad) are dropped or you will receive free postage. You must account for any diminished value of the goods, if this lost value is found by an inspection of the state of the product, its characteristics and functions is attributed to your unnecessary handling of the product.

-End of notice of cancellation policy.

-Version: 13.6.2014