5-year warranty on fibreglass and processing!

Mobila Verwaltungs GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “Mobila”) is responsible for all roof boxes, which are sold by it under the name SURF LINE BOX or Box2000, a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years on material (fibreglass) and processing with regard to the buyer registered in the invoice (original purchaser) from the date of purchase, while the damaged parts are repaired or replaced (depending on the assessment of MOBILA) without the costs being incurred by the original purchaser. For commercial customers, the warranty is one year after the date of purchase. The exclusions listed below must be taken into account. The original purchaser has to bear the costs incurred for returning the product.

In order to process the damage the original invoice must be submitted. The warranty does not apply to damage which has incurred outside the control of MOBILA; this includes inter alia misuse of the product, overloading or assembly and use not in accordance with the MOBILA assembly instructions, guidelines and safety requirements. The warranty does not apply to damage caused by accidents, or which has arisen due to unlawful vehicle handling or from existing damage to the vehicle on which the MOBILA roof box was mounted. Damage caused by incorrect installation of the previously mounted roof rack or caused by strong wind is excluded. MOBILA shall not be liable for damage caused by securing the load incorrectly, i.e. differently from the method recommended by MOBILA. During the warranty period, the original purchaser can make a claim for repair or replacement of the damaged MOBILA product. All following and additional damage is excluded from this warranty. Damage to the vehicle, to the freight or other people and assets are also excluded from this warranty. In case of strong winds, usage of mounted box is on own risk.

The above provisions restrict neither the rights of the original purchaser in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions, nor does it affect the rights against MOBILA with which the purchase agreement was concluded. This is especially true for warranty claims which hold good as a whole. Statutory warranty claims are not hereby limited in any way.

Haltern am See, June 2014